Difference Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

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Nobody wants to experience water damage in any way! Water damage could be as simple as an issue with the plumbing, an HVAC problem, or an unrestricted flow due to a faulty washing machine. Or it could be something more natural, like a hurricane, heavy rain, or even a flood. Whatever the cause, water damage requires prompt action from water damage restoration Montgomery experts and the replacement of practically everything that comes into contact with dirty water.

What is Water Damage?

Most of the time, water damage is the result of an unexpected leak taking place. Also, the damage from severe rains and the havoc they cause generally qualifies as water damage as long as it is brought on by running water, usually in real-time. These are the causes of typical water damage:

  •       Backed-up bathroom sink
  •       A pipe bursts suddenly as the temperature drops more than usual
  •       A leaking roof caused by heavy rains
  •       Drywall being impacted by water seepages and rotting wood over time

What is Flood Damage?

Flood damage is more severe since it involves a large amount of water accumulating and surging in all at once. When rainwater cannot pass down the slope, it overflows into buildings, sometimes causing serious consequences. Furthermore, flood damage is often referred to as a more general kind of abomination because it is brought on by tidal and inland overflow. Flood damage is also sometimes caused by mudflow, landslides, and even long-term water build-up. Flooding can also happen for the following reasons:

  •       Surface runoff
  •       Rapid melting of ice or snow
  •       Retention of rainwater and speedy outflow

Consequences of Water Damage

Whether it be from burst pipes or a flood, it is extremely important to treat the area instantly after experiencing water damage by hiring water damage restoration Montgomery experts; otherwise, one will experience these serious yet common problems:

Ruining The Structural Integrity

Buildings are affected by water damage on many different levels. The surface can deform if water seeps into parts of the indoor area of the property. Beautifully painted walls become discolored by water absorption.

Risk of Standing Water

Mold, germs, and viruses thrive when there is standing water. People are at risk of getting lung conditions if they inhale these once they become airborne. Even if the source of the flooding is clean, the formation of these bacteria can still trigger allergic reactions in those with sensitive immune responses.

Risk of Electrical Mishaps

After water damage, electrical energy may enter the house. Water-damaged wiring is highly prone to sparking and electrical accidents. If a restoration expert is not called out right away to properly fix the problem, water can also cause oxidation, which can result in wire short circuits and the leaking of electricity even in the water lines.


The team of water damage restoration Montgomery experts offers types of remediation support for different kinds of damages. They offer thorough damage assessments and take highly-controlled restoration measures like water removal/extraction, dehumidification, cleaning, and sanitizing. Some experts also offer services for mold testing/remediation, air quality testing, and damage area fixation.